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How to Shave Fast

Fast Shave

Shaving fast is something that takes a bit of practice to perfect. The key thing to remember is not to rush, or else you will end up shredding that beautiful skin on your face to pieces. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.

The first step is to turn on the hot water in your bathroom. Do not turn the cold water on even slightly, as for a fast shave you need boiling hot water. Make sure you use a sharp razor, and one of good quality. New disposable razor heads are available at all convenience stores. Also make sure the strip above the razors still has color, as this is not only a sign of the razor still being sharp, but will sooth your skin once your beard is trimmed.

Now that you have hot boiling water coming out of your faucet, splash some on the parts of your skin you want to shave. Do not be afraid of the heat as it is just that, hot water, not dynamite. Next apply a good quality shaving cream covering all parts you want shaved.

Grab your razor and place it under the hot water. Start your shave and go against the direction of hair-growth, stripping your hair in long smooth motions. As you can see, the man in the picture above is not a fast shaver. Hold your skin with your other hand and move your head to get a flatter skin surface, as this will further speed up your shave. After a maximum of 2-3 strips, wash your razor under the hot water. This will ensure the razor is boiling hot once again, and once again ready to cut through your hair like butter. Make sure you cut every portion of skin surface, and only go over each portion once. With long, smooth and confident motions you will have covered your entire face very quickly. With practice you will have completed this step in less than 30 seconds.

Grab your towel and wipe any remaining shaving cream off your face, taking note to wipe tricky areas such as ears, nose, and mouth. Do not wash your face with water after the shave. Look at the mirror quickly checking all areas have been covered. With daily practice you will be completing your entire shave in less than 1 minute and without cutting yourself, saving you a few minutes of every day for the rest of your life.

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