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How to Prevent Athlete’s Foot

Athlete's Foot

Of course, you don’t have to be an athlete to get athlete’s foot (tinea pedis). It’s another of those summer itches – actually a fungus infection, a form of ringworm – that’s common in warm weather, especially with people who had the infection before, and it can be complicated with bacterial infections. An anti-fungal foot powder, lotion or ointment from the pharmacy usually helps in treating and preventing athletes foot.

Whichever treatment you use to prevent athletes foot make sure it gets in between the toes where it can do some good. Some of the powder should be sprinkled in your shoes to prevent re-infection once you have licked the problem.

It may even be wise to discard (burn or otherwise dispose of) your socks where the fungus may be lurking, and outfit yourself with a new set of socks. Those who share your shower or your shoes are at risk of developing the fungus and severe or stubborn cases are worthy of your family doctor’s attention.

Keeping your toes bare (wear sandals when you can instead of stockings or socks and closed up shoes) is a good way to prevent athletes foot, and you should be careful to dry between your toes after your bath.

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