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How to Pick a Gym

Picking a gym

The most important thing for you to remember is that your fitness goals come first, not the goals of the club. A club might have a lot of great programs, but if it’s not run by people who can work with your individual goals, forget it. That’s why you must know how to pick the right gym.

You want a place that is serious. At first, it might seem that all gyms and health clubs are alike, but there’s a tremendous variety of staff and programs out there. I would recommend that you go shopping. Take a tour of all of the clubs within a reasonable distance from your home or workplace.

Take a good look around each place. It’s easy to tell whether the staff is paying attention to the members during their workouts – giving them one-on-one instruction, checking their form — or whether there’s a casual atmosphere, little or no instruction, equipment being used carelessly, and so on.

It’s also easy to tell if the place is clean and the equipment is up-to-date and well-maintained. Ask if club members have access to stair-climbing machines, rowing ergometers, stationary bikes or whatever you need to reach your training goals. Ask about the experience of the owner, manager and staff. Who is there every day? Are those people knowledgeable? How crowded is the club at the time of day you want to train?

After you’ve visited a few clubs, the good ones will stand out. And remember one more thing: If you have any doubts, don’t sign up as it is very important to pick the right gym based on your needs and experience.

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