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How to Improve your Life

Life improvement

To improve your life you must succeed in whatever it is you wish to achieve. To achieve this you must adopt a winning mindset. You need to think laterally, “outside the box”. Be creative, insane and crazy in your thinking.

What exactly does each action and activity in which you partake exactly do for you?

If you analyze your work, friendships, activities, hobbies and interests in the way I will describe, you will find you have a lot more going for you. You also want to get as much as you can out of everything you do in life, keeping within the limits of ethical practice. This can mean gaining knowledge and skills that might become handy one day in your life.

Knowing these things might change and improve your life one day, or at least allow you to make better decisions now that you have another view on life. The most important point I am trying to bring across in this article is to always keep your eyes open for opportunities. They are always present and in places that you might never have thought of looking.

1. What skills you gain and what opportunities are you given with your occupation/hobby/activities/everyday actions etc.? How can you use them in other aspects of life to improve your lifestyle?

Take the army as an example. Some might say the Army pays a mediocre wage while preparing you and sending you to fight a war. I see this experience as something else entirely. Besides the money you might earn you can learn real discipline, teamwork, courage, leadership and responsibility. You will learn how strong you really are physically, but especially mentally. You will learn how to execute any task in your life quickly and efficiently, to prioritise and how not to make mistakes.

These are all very useful skills in the civilian world and in a civilian job. You will develop character beyond belief, being able to brush off and laugh at any hardship in life. An example of how useful these skills might be later in life is the Advanced First Aid course I completed in this occupation.

There have been many situations where it helped me i.e. when my sister broke her arm, or when a girl in a nightclub suffered an epileptic seizure while I was on duty as a crowd controller.

There is more: How to deal with stress, how to stay cool in danger and under pressure, attention to detail, how to deal with sleep deprivation etc. These are all valuable pieces of knowledge that may come in handy one day and improve your life.

2. Analyse the networks and acquaintances you gain in your occupation/activity/hobby etc. People you know at work, at the soccer club, at your office job etc. are all people with lives of their own, and you never know anything about them until you give them a proper chance. Even the girl at the local store might surprise you!

The girl at the local store is an excellent example. Arriving to my home country in Europe a few months ago I would go to the store in front of my building 3-4 times a day. I quickly became friends with the girl that works there and discovered that in her spare time she runs small business selling jewelery to her friends and acquaintances.

I now know who to call when I need to buy quality jewelery at a very low price for my one special girl’s birthday. As I write this article another opportunity has presented itself. I will soon travel to Australia where the price of jewellery is ridiculously high and the quality low. I see the opportunity to buy a large amount from my friend before leaving and selling it during my stay overseas. From this I could soon make a fine profit, although after many years of this kind of thinking and a business degree, earnings from these petty projects are no longer worth my time.

Another example of using your networks are the friends I made in the Army Reserves. Together we started working nightclub security in our spare time. As a tightly-knit group we always looked out for each other as a proper army unit should. Infiltrating the world of nightclubs together and utilizing the leadership and teamwork skills we acquired at that profession, we soon became powerful enough to influence decisions far outside our job descriptions. Eventually this led to us receiving ridiculously high wages.

3. Use the situation you are in to your maximum benefit. Don’t get depressed or stressed if you find yourself in a position or situation you do not want to be in. Whether this be in relationship, occupation, circle of friends etc. you do not want to be in, there is always some good that can come out of it.

I will continue the previous example as a nightclub security guard (a job I absolutely hated but payed very well for a uni-student). I read books and articles on body language, neuro-linguistic programming and human psychology. I saw that by spending 30 hours every week observing and communicating with strangers one had the opportunity to practice their theories with live subjects. With practice you can gain the ability to build rapport with any person. With this I learned to talk most troublemaking people into leaving the nightclub without the need for physical violence, how to pick up girls and get their phone numbers (because clubs contain girls and this is another opportunity) etc. To sum this all up, you can pretty much learn how to play with people’s minds and get them to do what you want! Enough willpower and practice will get you there.

The point I am trying to bring across with the winning mindset is to really open your eyes to the opportunities you are given and take advantage of every situation you find yourself in. Combine your current skills, strengths and opportunities. Real power is gained with knowledge. You can do everything and anything with enough willpower, as discipline is one of the keys to all success. To really discover life and take advantage of the opportunities think laterally and creatively.

Keep in mind at all times that patience and determination is the key to success. When you give yourself a goal in life, stick to it and never give up. In time you will not only get closer to your goal, but you will learn how to succeed in your goal or how to get there faster.

Although I have plenty more examples I think those few above are adequate to engage you to start thinking like a winner. Before ending this article I must mention that by adopting this mindset you will become an individual with great power, “a shark in a world full of fish”.

Read books and take on activities that will maximize your learning. Combine every activity you take on to work in conjunction with everything else, become one big powerful machine working towards your goal. With time you will see how capable you are or everything and with this kind of power and self-confidence you are likely to lose grasp of the ethical beliefs by which you previously adhered to.

I implore you to use the knowledge you gain from this article to improve your life, without taking advantage of the people in it. Be honest and righteous at all times and you will see that you will still gain just as much and more in the long run.

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