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How to get Six Pack Abs

Six Pack Abs

To get strong six pack abs you need to train them every day. The abdominal muscles are a small muscle group so you can do exercises for them every single day. The more you exercise them the stronger they will be and the sooner you will achieve your goal of getting six pack abs. Try for at least five consecutive days every week i.e. Monday to Friday every morning. If you do any other training do your abdominal exercises at the end of your other exercises. They should be the final exercises you do before cooling down and finishing your session.

The other thing to remember is that to get visibly strong six pack abs you need to shed fat. You can do this by walking as much as possible in your daily life. Walking is a low intensity exercise that burns fat. You can ride your bicycle for those destinations that are not walking distance. A fast walk however will burn fat faster than almost any other normal daily exercise.

The second thing to remember with your fat burning and abdominal muscle building is your diet. Stay away from carbohydrates and sugars, don’t eat sweets and eat minimal rice, pasta, bread and wheat products. Any carbohydrates and sugars you do not burn in your daily life turn into fat and this is something we are trying to avoid. Eat meat, lots of vegetables, and some fruits and nuts. Mix and match to eat many different types. If you have very little fat then feel free to eat carbohydrates on top of the above mentioned diet.

Good daily exercises for your abs are crunches, bicycle, raised leg crunches, long arm crunch and holding the plant position. These exercises can all be done at home on a soft surface i.e. a carpet or a mat. Remember to keep your mind in the muscles you are exercising. Focus deeply on crunching and compression of the abs while doing the exercise. Feel the crunch and feel the muscle get exhausted with every repetition.

Start by doing three sets of one exercise, with twenty or so repetitions for each. As your abs get stronger do two different exercises, once again with three sets of each. It should only take you approximately 10-15 minutes per day. Between sets take a rest of maximum 30-45 seconds. In this time you can take a very small sip of water. When you finish you exercises lean back and stretch your abdominal muscles. Eat after exercising so that the muscles can quickly regenerate and build.

Remember to exercise once a day, five days a week. Eat healthy and don’t give up. And you’ll get six pack abs before you know it!

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