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How to Get Rid of Backache


If you have constant or recurring backaches, you should try to find out the specific cause. For example, treatment differs: Is the backache due to a slipped (ruptured) disc , the cartilage that lies between the bones of the spine? Is the reason arthritis? A tumor? Is it due to a lumbosacral sprain? How about poor posture? Is there inflammation of a muscle, tendon or nerves? Whatever the cause, here are some tips on how to get rid of backache:

1. Develop good posture. Incorrect posture is a common cause of backaches in an otherwise healthy person. Bones, ligaments, nerves and muscles need to be relieved of unnatural strains.

2. Are you overweight? Lose weight. Often this in itself produces freedom from back discomfort especially if arthritis is present.

3. Is your mattress too soft, causing sagging pull on your muscles and spine while you sleep? Get a new one. Or try using a bedboard between mattress and bedsprings.

4. Don’t put too much pressure on one side of your spine, for instance by carrying a shopping bag to one side, and thereby curve your spine abnormally. This may strain muscles and ligaments and cause backache.

5. Don’t bend with knees locked and legs stiff. Always bend your knees, even though your only purpose is to pick up a pin. But be especially sure to bend knees when you intend to pick up a weighty object.

6. Are you comfortable when you work? Especially when sitting down? A typist? Take time at intervals to get up and stretch and loosen up.

7. But if backaches persist and you are not easily relieved by aspirin or the measures suggested here, better have a checkup.

Many with backache issues use them as an excuse to “Help carry the piano stool instead of the piano.” Others, you might think, are masochistic – always complaining, but never taking the time to discover what is wrong. “Oh, my aching back” is a common complaint, often indulged in by those who do nothing to help themselves.

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