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How to Gain Weight

how to gain weight

If you are faced with the weight gain problem, you can benefit from the following diet and exercise tips. However, if you don’t respond to these approaches when you follow them faithfully, a visit to your doctor is definitely recommended. You may have a too-high metabolism, which can be adjusted by proper medication to turn your food into “bigger dimensions.” Try these weight gain routines but remember, if they don’t work out within six weeks, see your doctor for the extra help you undoubtedly need.

The Eating Mystique: Your chubbier friends may think you’re lucky because you can have all the trench fries, hot dogs, malts and desserts you want. But this is a mistake, not a mystique! You don’t need junk food to gain weight, you do need plenty of healthful protein food to build firm muscles.

Lean meat, liver, poultry, eggs, cottage cheese and yogurt are all important for your stamina and your figure. In addition, splurge on such weight encouragers as all types of sun-dried fruit: raisins, prunes, dates, figs. Keep these handy for nibbling and you’ll find extra ounces turning into extra pounds.

If you are concerned with how to gain weight, there is another good group to remember: baked potatoes, brown rice, buckwheat, groats, whole grain breads and cereals (plus butter) help. Molasses and honey, unhydrologized nut butters (from natural food stores, or grind your own) promise to round out your diet and your figure.

Eating to gain weight has its psychological side as well. Don’t eat while you’re tense, nervous or in a hurry. Get the digestive juices flowing by sipping a cup of hot bouillon slowly before you start your dinner. And don’t feel you have to eat everything at each meal. A nice way to store up is to save your dessert for an hour or so after the meal. Avoid drinking water before or with meals – it takes up valuable room you should keep open for necessary nourishment.

If you want to gain weight, exercise is another plus. Walking definitely helps build a healthy appetite. Try walking for 15 minutes before your lunch or dinner and you’ll enjoy your food more and gain weight more easily. If you can schedule a daily one-mile jog (walking alternated with running) you’ll undoubtedly find that at dinner time you’re ready for not only first but second helpings of everything in sight.

Yoga is another great body-builder. It can definitely help you relax and that will help you gain weight. One of the easiest routines is the Abdominal Lift which tightens your tummy and refreshes you all over. Try it:

1. Sit in any comfortable position, hands on knees.

2. Exhale all breath from lungs through mouth. Hold breath out of lungs until you have completed one set of five lifts described in steps 3 to 5 below.

3. With breath held out, pull abdomen in and up briskly. You should see a hollow indention in the abdominal area.

4. Push your abdomen out again, this pulling up, in and “popping” out should take no longer than two seconds.

5. Repeat movement of pulling abdomen in and up then “popping” it out, five times: in-out, in-out, in-out, in-out, in-out. This is one set of five.

6. Take several deep breaths after completing each set. Schedule: Start by doing one set of five. Increase by one set per week, until you can do five sets (25 lifts).

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