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How to Find a Girlfriend


Here is how to find a girlfriend you can be happy with. To get that awesome girlfriend, the only rule is that you have to meet girls! Eventually you will run into the one that is perfect for you. If you never leave your computer and you live alone, you need to change. Go out with your friends from time to time. The only other thing you may need to change is the way you present yourself i.e. stop eating sugar and sweets if you have pimples, seek help from your doctor if you have acne, stop biting your nails, wash your t-shirt or buy a new one if it has food stains, etc.

When you meet new girls don’t lie about who or what you are because in the long run you will have to keep up these shenanigans. Be a man. Be yourself, but at your best. Make a few jokes here and there and always be relaxed. Remember that everyone has good days and bad days. If she isn’t looking her best or if she’s not making much sense you may want to forgive her. If she’s a nice girl you should definitely give her another chance. You never know what you might be missing so never be too quick to judge people.

The biggest mistake people make is being needy. You have to keep the balance. If you call her once to go somewhere and she says no, wait for her to call you one day when she’s doing something fun. If she doesn’t call you try calling her again in two weeks. But by then you should already have found another girl to hang out with. If you send a text message and there is no reply (once you are certain she has your number and receives your messages), do not send another one. This is needy. You want her, you don’t need her. It’s all about patience. You may want her now or tomorrow but perhaps she is not free till four-five days from now. It’s not like she’s going anywhere so just be patient!

So you call her, she calls you. Sometimes you can’t make it, sometimes she can’t. You both have lives; you are not losers with absolutely nothing else to do. Until you are actually in a relationship with her (you will know because the two of you talked about it!), you can play this sometimes yes sometimes no game with as many people as you want. Once you know a lot of people you will know which girl you enjoy hanging out with the most. Bit by bit try to see that the two of you hang out more often.

The biggest issue with this lifestyle of hanging out with many different girls and always meeting new ones is that you can fall into a cycle of no progress. Everyone likes something ‘new’, and you may start to spend way too much time meeting new girls. It is also much easier to meet new girls so it may become a habit, as you are good at it and it makes you feel good being good at something. This is a failure from your behalf as a proper relationship takes time to develop. Make sure your priority is keeping in touch and with the ones you have already met and identified as being awesome. You must not allow yourself to grow too distant from the girl are you interested in. Yes you can and should meet new girls as a single man, but spend the time maintaining and growing the existing relationships with the one(s) you really like. Persistence and patience (opposite of neediness!) always wins. So be patient in finding a girlfriend and be patient and persistent in getting her. Good luck!

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