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How to Fight September Stress

September Stress

September can be a very stressful month. The lazy hazy days are over and pressure is mounting. Projects that didn’t seem so urgent are suddenly due. Kids’ needs that were simple during the summer are now tying up most of your time – back-to-school meetings, uniforms to buy, bake sales to prepare for, costumes for the PTA housewarming.

All systems are go and going fast. You no longer have time for the book you were reading. (That’s OK — they escape the Cossacks, cross over the snowcapped mountains, don’t get eaten by the leopard, secure her father’s blessing and do, indeed, get married in the end and live happily ever after. There, I’ve saved you that worry.)

Your neck and back are beginning to ache. The amount of time you spend driving makes you tense and irritable. Your palms sweat and underarms leak. Your stomach gurgles and then flip-flops. By the end of the day, you are retired and frustrated, sometimes angry without real cause. Unfortunately, stress is part of almost everyone’s life. But you don’t have to take it in the neck. You can fight back with exercise. And you can win. Here are some tips on how to fight September Stress.

To relieve stress, take a short exercise break as often as needed and try a few of these tension relievers. Exercise helps break down anxiety caused dilemmas because it revs up the heart and recharges your circulation. You get a short new lease on feeling good. So whether you work in an office, in your home or in your car, try some of these exercises for instant relief.

Shoulder Rounds

Try 10 of them: Stand up (not while you’re driving, please), put your arms at your side and your shoulders back. Then rotate your shoulders in their sockets in huge forward circles. Then reverse to backward.

Head Rounds

Give me another 10 to loosen you up, and 10 in each direction would be great. Make a complete circle with your head, going first from right to left then from left to right. Go slow and count to four for each complete circle. Do not get seasick from moving too quickly.

Standing Leg Grabs

Bend at the waist and grab your right ankle with your left hand. Bounce and then change to the other side. Do 10 on each side, please, each one to a count of four. Stretch as you grab, don’t bounce around like a puppet.

Running Knees Up

Just run in place and bring your knees up as high as you can. Breathe properly and count to 24. Cool down that running with the same number of trots.

This sort of workout will help fight stress in September. But you can’t just count on exercise breaks. Sit dowm and list your activities and get organized. Cut down and relax a little. You’ll live a lot longer.

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