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How to Express Feelings


If you are concerned about your mental health, you must learn how to express feelings. Frozen emotions can do as much damage to people as ice to trees. Frozen feelings and anger can result in depression and can freeze off positive feelings. When people can’t express anger, they have trouble expressing love. That is why people should allow emotional thawing to take place.

Though the root cause is overly strict parental attitudes, the immediate cause is loss of love objects including people, beliefs, values, or material goods. Unexpressed anger also results from deaths, marital separations, or romance breakups.

Some people have difficulty expressing anger because it is an unacceptable emotion in our society. Parents often tell their children that good boys and girls don’t get angry. Religious groups extoll the virtue of keeping one’s temper. Religious education media and sermons sometimes convey the same message.

The frozen emotions syndrome manifests itself in classic symptoms of depression such as changes in sleeping and eating habits, energies and interest. Depressed people usually eat and sleep less and almost never show increased levels of interest. Bottled-up anger is a dangerous thing. Successful people, after many years of striving, may also feel depressed.

Fortunately, there are ways to deal with frozen emotions. People should learn to express their feelings openly. A friendly relationship with a sincere and sympathetic person may start a healing process and help the depressed person realize that it is permissible and even desirable to become angry.

Professional help may be necessary to help some people reach this realization. Depressed people can also help themselves by reducing self-criticism and readjusting goals in a way that suits their abilities and temperaments.

Ultimately, to keep emotions from freezing up, people should strive to gain insight into themselves and their behavior. Their motto should be like the inscription at the Delphic Oracle,”Know thyself”.

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