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How to Defend Yourself

Self defense

To properly defend yourself when you are attacked you must learn to take control of the situation. I will describe how you can do this in this article, so that you can avoid being hurt. While the skill and experience gained from training self-defense or martial arts would come greatly to your advantage, it is not essential to escape unharmed.

Whether it’s a drunken street brawl or a small arms battle in a warzone, there is one rule that keeps true in a fight. He who is more vicious will win. Your goal in winning is to escape without being hurt. To successfully defend yourself you should embrace the concept of controlled aggression. By controlling your level of aggression you can successfully control the whole situation. With this you will be able to escape your attacker or attackers with minimal harm. This concept is commonly taught in martial arts and self-defence classes, but I have written of it from a military perspective as it covers even the most extreme situations you might encounter in life. For this reason I will refer to your attacker or group of attackers simply as ‘the enemy’.

Switch On: Controlled aggression works like a switch on a light bulb. Except that this switch exists only in your mind. When you turn your switch on, you have nothing else in mind but death and destruction. Your adrenaline surges and nothing else in life exists or matters. Just yourself and your enemy. By minimizing your thought process you have no fears or doubts. Pure instinct. With all the adrenaline surging through your body everything happens in split seconds. And so he who hesitates more loses. When you switch on you are absolutely indestructible.

You are absolutely confident but of course your mind is not thinking that, its attention is solely on destroying the enemy. The reason I mention the word ‘almost’ earlier when mentioning instinct is that you must keep a small piece of your mind reserved for though process. This is important otherwise you will find yourself unable to ‘switch off’ when you should. You must know how far to go, how serious the fight is and when it is time to stop. This is extremely important, as you are likely to end up seriously injuring or even killing someone in a situation that did not require it to happen. Only be as aggressive as you need to be.

Approach Viciously: The more vicious fighter will win the fight. This is a very simple concept but to really amplify its power I will provide an extreme example: Your life is in danger. Extreme circumstances require extreme action, so the first thing you do is sacrifice is your code of ethics. Be more ferocious than your enemy. Nothing else matters. Dominate your enemy. Fill your mind with ultimate destruction and nothing else. Do whatever needs to be done. Take advantage of the enemy’s every weakness. Go ahead and fight as dirty as you can, there are no rules, just survival.

The way to reach this level of aggression in the first few seconds is aim for the point where you are chewing on his intestines, or something of equally psychotic nature. Of course you will never actually end up doing this, but by being this aggressive you will succeed in breaking your enemy psychologically. This is how the fight is won. In a split second he will experience a ferocious beast coming at him at incredible speed to annihilate him. This shocks the human mind, immediately causing fear and loss of self-confidence. This psychological breakdown will cause him make mistakes such as hesitating, thrashing his arms frantically or wrapping up as a ball on the floor.

Even if the enemy is mentally tough and you do not succeed in breaking his mind immediately, keep your eye on the prize. Even if the fight goes on for a while, by being more vicious you will quickly break him. He will lose confidence as will any bystanders contemplating to join in with the fight. The more aggressive you are the quicker everyone will hear “Oh my God! This guy is crazy! We’re all going to die!” echoing in their thoughts. Do not think. Just concentrate on getting the job done and you will succeed. In fact don’t concentrate, just GET THE JOB DONE!

Switch off: You must stay in control. You must be able to switch off and be able to do it immediately when there is no longer reason to stay on that level of aggression. Most likely the situation will require you to lower your level of aggression significantly, i.e. from a vicious brawl to harsh yelling. Make sure to keep dominating your enemy until you are completely out of danger. Keep in mind not calm down too fast physically as he might quickly recuperate his confidence and rise up against you again.

Even if you lower your aggression down to yelling, keep dominating your enemy with a deep strong commanding voice. Simply give out orders i.e. ‘get out of my sight’. Remember, you are absolutely confident, this is your territory and you are in command. Imagine an angry sergeant giving out orders to his soldiers. He is the boss, and he yells commands to his soldiers with no insecurity whatsoever. Do not allow your anger to control you as you will lose that Godlike ‘I control everything’ status in your enemy’s mind.

With ultimate control of your own mind, you will be able to switch on and reach your desired level of aggression in split seconds. With this you will dominate your enemy and defend yourself at all times. Make sure you stay in control and only inflict the level of physical harm on him that is required for you to escape danger. Good luck and stay safe!

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