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How to Control Hunger

Hunger Control

Every year 50 million Americans try to lose weight. They know that eating less is critical to success, but while willpower alone may enable some to succeed, for the vast majority it does not. For these people, efforts to lose weight fail because they cannot learn how to control hunger. What these dieters need is a medication capable of controlling appetite and hunger safely and effectively.

Unfortunately, our perception of diet pills is dominated by an awareness of the negative side effects of prescription amphetamine-based appetite suppressants.

Ideally, a diet medication should contain no amphetamine, caffeine or stimulant of any kind. Its effectiveness must be clinically proven and it should be so safe that it needs no prescription. That medication is Dexatrim.

Many people are unaware of the science and research involved in creating an appetite and hunger suppressant like Dexatrim. The fact is, Dexatrim has been put to more clinical studies than all other over-the-counter diet aids combined. And Dexatrims active ingredient is currently recommended to the FDA as being safe and effective by a U.S. Government Advisory Panel.

The research demonstrates this simple fact: Dexatrim, when taken as directed, produces weight loss and controls hunger and does so safely. Dexatrim is not a stimulant. It contains no amphetamine or caffeine and does not cause nervousness or insomnia the way some diet medications can. It is taken once a day and requires no prescription.

A landmark study recently published shows that Dexatrim causes no significant increased heart rate and no significant rise in blood pressure. In fact, watching television can alter blood pressure more than Dexatrim will.

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