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How to Concentrate


Are you getting absent-minded and forgetful, failing to remember if you have locked the door after leaving the house? Or maybe you are  studying for an exam and it takes you twice as much time to finish the same amount of work. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t put your mind into doing all you want to do.

If this is the case, you are probably having problems with concentration. Read on to learn how to concentrate so you could do better at school, at work, or in your everyday life.

First you need to decide what you want to do; sit down and take your time to make a plan, as it will save you time later on. This will make you more focused on the thing you are doing, and you will not lose your energy thinking about the things you should do, which is usually why some people are scatter-brained.

Be realistic about your goals and don’t expect too much from yourself. Make sure your plan includes the things that are a priority and put everything else on a reminder list of to-do things, so you don’t have to think about them any more. Don’t get caught up in the unnecessary activities which will only distract you and pull your attention away from what is really important.

Now that you know your tasks, finish your work by doing one task at a time, it will go faster and easier. And be careful not to skip or leave anything for later, because you will only be thinking about that all the time and it will slow you down.

Focus on what you are doing this very moment and nothing else. You can’t be everywhere and do everything at the same time, can you? So, why don’t you try and think about the thing you are doing that very moment? Take your time and enjoy what you are doing, be it the chores at home, some office duty, or a walk with your child. Pay attention to what you are doing; listen to what people are saying. Many of us just go through our days thinking about something else instead of what is in front of us.

The next important thing is to have enough rest. If you are tired, your mind is tired as well. This means you can’t be concentrated and efficient. So, go to bed regularly at the same time and try to sleep as long as you need to, neither more nor less. Also, when you work on the same thing for a long time your mind gets tired. This is why you need to make a break  and relax between the tasks; it helps your mind get some more energy to go on doing what it does best.

Yo can try changing the place of work. You should also remove all the unnecessary things from your workplace, so that you don’t get distracted. If the noise bothers you, find a quiet place to work. On the other hand, if the noise soothes your brain, you can play some quiet music or turn the TV on.

Food is also very important for concentration, since it nourishes your brain and your body. So, you should never work hungry, it will only make you frustrated and you won’t be able to do any work. However, be moderate and don’t eat too much nor too little. Healthy food nourishes you the best, supplying the energy you need for concentration.

Regular exercise is important as well, especially if you do it in the morning, because it makes you more energetic throughout the day.

Don’t expect an overnight boost of concentration; this all needs time and practice. It’s not easy to change your habits all at once; it takes a lot of effort and patience to learn how to concentrate. Just make a first step and don’t give up, even if you get frustrated at times, you won’t be sorry in the end.

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