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How to Accelerate Weight Loss

Weight Loss

You have tried pills, diet plans and dietary supplements to say goodbye to your flabby abs, arms and legs. But they have not proven effective. Well, losing weight is all in the mind. It requires focus and attention. I guess you already know that weight loss needs a combination of a proper diet and exercise, but there’s more to it. Alright, let’s cut to the chase. Here are some ways to accelerate weight loss.

First and foremost, if you want to accelerate weight loss, you must set up a goal. Set up an attainable objective. Ask yourself. Why do you want to lose weight? Will it be for the better? Will it enhance your personality? You should have a purpose in accelerating weight loss. The second part is to come up with a diet and exercise plan. A goal and a plan should always go hand in hand. Now, if you’ve already set up your goal and you’ve laid out your plan to accelerate your weight loss, we’re all ready to discuss the food and exercise parts of accelerating weight loss.

Believe it or not but drinking water speeds up fat loss. When you drink plain water each meal, you will get rid of 75 calories during that meal. Drinking water before your meal boosts your metabolism which is really helpful in losing weight. It is also advisable that you rehydrate yourself with at least 8-ounce glass of water once you wake up in the morning because the body typically dehydrates at night when you’re sleeping.

Exercise should be a priority in your plan. Get physical for 150 to 250 minutes and increase your exercise time, intensity or join in new physical activities in your neighborhood. Here’s another tip. You may want to exercise in the morning with an empty stomach because it speeds up weight loss by 300%.

Do you know that if you eat 5-6 times a day, you can accelerate weight loss? Yes, it’s true. But what you should eat 5-6 times a day should be rich in fruits and vegetables and should be low carbs. Researchers also suggest that you should keep a diary of the foods you eat that doubles your weight loss.

Additionally, there are certain foods that increase weight loss. Take a bite and you will surely love them. You can also include them in your diet plan. Eat beans and whole grains to your heart’s content. They are rich in soluble fiber that will make you feel full for longer period of time thereby suppressing food cravings. Coffee accelerates fat loss too. Can you imagine? Like beans, it suppresses appetite and enhances your metabolism. Apples contain pectin and vitamin C that washes out toxins in your body. So once you take advantage of apples, they must be eaten raw. You’ll definitely love yogurt and other dairy products. They’re rich in protein and contain lesser amount of calories. They are also high in nutrients that accelerate weight loss and help in weight control like magnesium, vitamin D and potassium.

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