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How to Eat On a Budget

how to eat on a budgetKnowing how to eat on a budget is very important considering the state global economy is in. And with grocery prices going up each week budget eating seems even more important. Here are some tips that will teach you how to eat on a budget.

Buy More For Less

Stocking up and saving money may sound out of sync, but when you use a shopping list and fill your pantry with a plan-buying bigger, more economical package sizes, restocking shelf staples when on sale and ultimately making fewer trips to the store – you can end up spending less. Some family favorites you may want to put in your pantry are:

  • Macaroni & Cheese Dinner: You can serve three bowlfuls for about a buck.
  • Stove Top Stuffing Mix: Make a wonderful warm dinner. Save some cold, hard cash.
  • Jell-O Pudding: Stretch the milk money for just 40c a serving.

Dine In

Skip the tab and the tip – it’s cheaper to eat at home. You might be surprised at how easy it is to make restaurant favorites in your own kitchen.

Snack Smart

This after-school treat adds up to less than a dollar: 3 Oreo Cookies + 1 cup milk = big smiles

Shop Smart

The main protein on your plate can take a big chunk out of your food budget, so shop smart. Look for inexpensive meat cuts and think about downsizing your meat portions overall. Buy ground meat in larger value packaging and freeze what you don’t use in meal-size  portions and look for specials on beef pot roasts or cuts from the chuck or round, which cook up tender and juicy in the slow cooker.

Brown-Bag It

Bringing breakfast or lunch from home takes just minutes in the morning. You can use up last night’s leftovers or whip up your own lunch special.

Tote along an Oscar Mayer Deli Creations Chicken and Ranch Batbread Sandwich to heat in the office microwave or take a do-it-yourself sandwich made with Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Shaved Meats. They’re sliced, packed and sealed at the peak of freshness and cost 25 percent less than the leading brand of deli counter meats.

You can still have it all – delicious meals with your family and good times with friends – even though you’re cutting back and eating on a budget.

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