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Drinks and Cocktails

At the height of summer's heat wave, chill out with cool cocktails and refreshing summer smoothies. In a bid to capitalize on the season's bounty and help you cool off, we've whipped up a whack of winning drink recipes sure to soothe the sweaty soul at any summer celebration.

Summer drinks are notoriously frothy numbers, low in alcohol and high in inventive garnishes. Dig out the blender, stock your liquor cabinet with a variety of hard spirits, liqueurs, and crucial mixers such as fruit juices, sweet and sour, grenadine syrup, cream of coconut, club soda and ginger ale - and you're set for a porch cocktail party or backyard barbecue.

Also have on hand garnishes like crushed ice, ice cubes, maraschino cherries, lemon and lime twists - oh, and those tiny paper umbrellas - to add a tropical flair to kitschy cocktails.