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Cooking Tips

Have you experienced eating meals prepared by someone who hates to cook? Their aversion is displayed in dull, tasteless, unimaginative preparations. Or meals prepared by someone on a diet who shows her hostility in the food she serves? It is either overseasoned or underseasoned, overcooked or undercooked. It is not the time you spend on the meal that makes it a delight, it is the love you put into it.

Love is the single most important ingredient in any menu and being confined to dietary restrictions need not effect the flavor or the care in preparation. I am not encouraging long hours spent in the kitchen surrounded by food and intoxicated by aromas. If you are trying to restrict your diet for a weight loss, you certainly do not want prolonged exposure to temptations.

The cooking tips offered here are not only designed to improve flavor but are simple and will not extend your stay in the kitchen.