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How to Pick Healthy Fast Food During Pregnancy

How to Pick Fast Food During PregnancyPicking healthy fast food during pregnancy is of utmost importance for all the moms-to-be. Your eating habits change a lot during pregnancy, which means that your need for food becomes more and more intense. In such moments your main concern is to eat something, anything – as fast as possible! As a responsible mom-to-be, you really try to do your best and eat only healthy food, but sometimes it just feels like baby’s begging for you to pull into the fastest food possible.

Anyway, if you still need to make a run for the border, making these healthy menu tips implies that you won’t feel guilty at all with your order.

Identify keyword clues: Make sure you avoid eating any food items that contain the words such as “breaded”, “crispy,” or “fried”. Instead of that, go for grilled or broiled versions.

Downsize: Skip the meal deals, and don’t let cashiers fool you with their up-sale strategies. Avoid eating huge portions and pay attention to the number of calories you take.

Hold the hidden fats: You can save considerable amounts of fats and calories if you cut down on cheese, mayo, special sauce, or dressings.

Switch up your side dishes: Instead of French fries or onion rings, stick to healthier choices now offered, like yogurt parfaits, cut fruit, and salads with light dressing. If only fries will cure your hunger, order the smallest size and eat your burger or sandwich open-face (toss the top bun).

Pay attention to what you drink: Whenever possible drink water, unsweetened iced tea, or skim milk instead of high-cal sodas, smoothies, and juices. Various beverages won’t keep you full and satisfied, so you should better spend your calories on food.

Know before you go: It can be of great help if you first check websites for your favorite fast-food joints so that you can get all nutritional information before you make decisions. Print them out and keep them in the car so you can refer to your “menu” before placing your order.

Don’t forget the rules: However, there are certain foods, which are off-limits during pregnancy. Therefore, skip sandwiches with lunchmeat, unless it’s oven-roasted, and avoid sprouts and soft cheeses in case of nasty bacteria.

If you care for the health of your baby, you will follow the aforementioned guidelines and learn how to pick healthy fast food during pregnancy.

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