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How to be a Good Husband

Good Husband

A lot of wives could be made a lot happier at no extra expense if husbands would become more expert at sentimentalism. Women, it seems, will do almost anything for a good husband who remembers to say, “I care.” There are some universal secret yearnings from wives of all ages. Wives long to be touched more and romanced more and appreciated more. They want to be treated like sweethearts over the years. A continuing outward show of love from the husband is vital to most women and seems much neglected on the part of men.

Over and over again the wish was aired for the husband to “call up and say he loves me” or “touch me as we pass in the hall” or “call me and ask for a date” or “Kiss me more often” or “call and ask me to meet him for lunch” or “take me dancing and hold me close” or “write a love note to me” or “love me with his eyes.”

Here is a collection of the best suggestions on how to be a good husband:

1. Be more romantic. Show more affection. Do tender things like awaken her with a kiss, or put your arm around her in a crowd, or hold her arm while walking. Many guys thinks that showing love is providing for a family with shelter, food and clothes. As much as this is true, being a good husband means showing affection as well.

2. Take care of the children sometimes and let her have some time alone and for herself.

3. Plan an evening out for you, just like you did when you were dating. Even better, plan a weekend away for just the two of you. Save the money, hire the babysitter, make hotel reservations. If you want to be a good husband, make sure it is YOU who initiates these ideas and makes the plans.

4. Bring her a surprise gift or send her flowers FOR NO REASON AT ALL. Choose more personal gifts like a gown or pretty underwear rather than appliances and practical items.

5. Listen when she talks and be interested in her problems. Look at her when she shares with you. Put down the magazine or newspaper. Otherwise, she will feel as though you think she is not important enough to listen to. Many wives feel nagging will stop if husbands would listen better.

6. Talk to her and tell how you feel about things and about how your day went. Be a good husband and turn off the computer and just talk to her.

7. Appreciate her. Act pleased for some of the things she does. Recognize her as a person and not just as a housekeeping machine or sex object. Be proud of her being a homemaker.

8. Include her in the budget planning and give her a personal allowance, separate from groceries, just for her, with no questions asked about how she spends it.

9. Show more politeness in public, e.g., open doors, seat her in restaurants, introduce her to acquaintances. Act proud of her in front of friends.

10. Spend more time when lovemaking. Make love to her in a new or exotic place sometimes, like in the sand at the seashore, at a vacation cottage under the stars (women call this “building happy memories”).

11. Keep up your end of things by doing repair and other jobs around the house without being begged.

12. Allow her to stay in bed late once in a while without showing resentment.

It stands to reason that you will try and learn how to be a good husband if you truly love your wife and the above tips will surely help you become a better husband.

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