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How to Apply for an Internship


Internship includes a lot of work, long hours and no or little money, but it pays out in gaining a lifetime experience and training necessary in a future line of work. Furthermore, if you show up as hardworking and interested in making progress, you could end up having a full-time position once you graduate. So, do your best and get the best open internship you can.

• The first thing to do is making the decision on the type of internship you want. Universities usually have a list of local internships, so you can start there. You can also talk to your academic advisor who might be able to connect you to local businesses. Or alternatively, talk to your friends and relatives, as some of them might have parents or friends working in the same field.

• You can also visit the websites of companies in your field and search for an internship, or search the online job or employment websites, where you can also find some openings for internships. When an internship is posted online, it is usually listed with the directions on how to apply for it.

• Before applying for an internship you are interested in, make sure you carefully write your resume and cover letter. You will probably be asked to fill in the application letter, so do this with no mistakes, and include all the documents asked for, as well. If there is no application form, contact the organization and find out how to do it, and also find out all the other needed information, like the deadline for receiving applications, the time frame of the internship, the location of the internship, what you will be doing, and how much pay (if any) you can expect. In most cases you will be asked to provide the employer with a list of references, a letter of recommendation, and an essay explaining why you want the internship.

• If you are asked for an interview, make sure dress properly, since it’s important to make a positive fist impression. Get ready to answer questions related to your reasons for applying and to the types of projects you would be good at. You could also talk about your previous volunteer positions or significant accomplishments at school. A good gesture might be sending a thank you note to the interviewer a few days after your interview.

• After you have applied for your internship, all you can do is wait to be notified whether or not you got the position. You will probably know from the application when to expect it. It is not recommended that you contact the organization yourself, so do this only if the deadline has passed or if you have been told by someone from the organization that it is acceptable.

To conclude, if you follow the guidelines given by a certain company, you can hardly make a mistake. All you have to do try hard and make the best impression both in the written application and at the interview, and you will surely get the position you want.

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