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Business Sales

Proper selling is the key ingredient in the retail business. Without the selling strategy, many sales can be lost and this usually means the difference between success and failure.

Here are some practical steps to be taken to deliver a better level of service to your consumers:

• Sell an augmented product or service. Consumers must have other motivation for purchasing other than ownership. Augment consumer benefits by including attractive service before, during and after sale.

• Gear your organization towards service. Set up consumer service department or customer suggestion box which is accessible to consumers. Follow-up complaints and make changes where necessary.

• Gear employees to serve customers without thinking that service is servitude.

• Know your customer profile. If possible keep in constant touch with them.

• Bend over backwards for your customers by processing rush orders or by making special deliveries for them.

• Try to accommodate special requests for special packaging, better quality control, technical information and assistance, special discounts and payment terms. Go the extra mile.