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If you have the motivation and desire to continually improve your marketing efforts and build a sustainable business, then you can consider yourself to be a successful entrepreneur.

Some studies have shown that people are genetically predetermined to be entrepreneurs. In other words, if you parents are successful businessmen, you are destined to follow their path.

Here comes a million dollar question. Are entrepreneurs born or made? Is success a matter of nature or nurture? Whatever your answer is, there is one thing that cannot be ignored.

Education plays a very important part in becoming successful. It opens up your mind to endless business opportunities out there that others may not spot and take advantage of.

And I can already hear you saying "but the most successful people in the world are high-school dropouts".

As much as this is true, these isolated cases are too few and far between to take them for granted.

So, is entrepreneurialism a matter of nature or nurture? The right answer would be "a little bit of both".