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milos pesicMilos Pesic, Owner and Founder of

A Professor of English language and literature with a 10-year experience in online and offline marketing. Prior to founding, he helped many companies get their business off the ground and embrace the power of online presence.

“I am just a regular guy who likes to help people. That’s the whole idea behind”



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marija ilic

Marija Ilic, Editorial Director

Fitness and pilates instructor with MA in English Language and Literature. She worked as a columnist for many online and offline magazines and newspapers and her health/fitness articles helped many people achieve and maintain top-notch health. Her extensive experience in publishing strongly opinionated essays and other written works made her a perfect candidate for Howy right from the start. If any of your submitted articles gets rejected, she is to blame.





ljubomir devic

Ljubomir T. Devic, Editorial Team

A Swedish-Montenegrin polyglot with BA in French, English and Russian. In his spare time, he writes poems, short stories and novels and researches genealogy and family history. He’s the author of “Little Serbian-Swedish Dictionary” published in November, 1995. He has MSEd (The Master of Science in Education) degree and has spent 20 years teaching and organizing educational activities. He lives in Sweden with his wife and children.





milos spasovic

Milos Spasovic, Editorial Team

Born in 1981. Has an MA degree in English Language and Literature. Has a strong interest in photography and film. Also known as a big advocate of Open Source software. Loves all things vintage.